Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Older Your Car Gets, The More Lethal it Becomes.

In my finance class at BYU, we have been learning about different types of insurance. The auto insurance section was particularly interesting to me - I've had my share of experiencing both the benefits and detriments. 

So, I've owned my car for about three years, right? Somehow, it is still in one piece and running. It has been through a few accidents, gotten stuck in numerous ditches, failed to start, and has gotten almost every part replaced. A couple of years ago when I worked at the Provo Towne Centre Mall, I had just worked an 8 hour shift and was walking out to my car. I had arrived that morning before the mall was open and before the snow plows had the chance to plow the lot. Mall employees are supposed to park behind the blue lines that are at the outer ends of the parking lots --they are probably closer to Egypt then they are to the mall itself. Trying to adhere to this rule, I had parked in an area of employee's cars that was slowly accumulating at the back of the lot. So as I was enjoying my long, cold, winter walk to my car, I noticed a little piece of paper sticking out of the driver's window. Curious, I wondered which handsome guy had left his number for me again. Just kidding. 
Anyway, still curious, I picked up the paper and read over the rushed writing. It instructed me to contact Mall Security in regards to my car being involved in a hit-and-run incident. 


I immediately began to survey my car. Lo and behold, the right back-end of my car sported a pretty decent-sized dent and a very much cracked brake light. I stepped back and realized my car was sitting pretty crooked in the parking stall as well. 

Turns out that a large white pick up truck had backed up into my car, lifting it off of the ground. There happened to be a lady that witnessed the entire thing, and she wrote down the license plate of the truck and immediately notified Mall Security. 

I am SO grateful for honest people.

The insurance company sent out a surveyor to estimate the cost of the damage to my car, and it totaled to an amount around $1,000

Pretty sure I bought my car for almost $4,000.

I like this whole insurance thing.

However, I think there should be more types of auto insurance available.

You know, for the day when I'm married and driving a grain truck to school...when (or if) it starts, the sound of the engine scares the crap out of the squirrel living under the seat and causes all heck to break loose. I would definitely need squirrel insurance.

Then later, when I begin to have a family and have a million and four kids, since there isn't insurance coverage available for incidents due to sliding van doors, I will probably own a Toyota Moon Buggy with spiffy side doors that close at a glacial closing rate. Those regular sliding van doors are dangerous, man.    

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  1. I would think that Volcano insurance would be first on the list. It's pretty common...